Three Card Poker

three-card-poker_u5903Three card poker is a fast-paced game which most novice gamblers should be able to enjoy without a whole lot of study. Knowing the card ranks and hand ranks is enough for most players. Keep in mind that the house edge is high and the game moves quickly, so regulate your bets well. Remember that any bet on the ante and play wager must be doubled if you expect to win, so keep that in mind when making your ante wager.

It should be noted that three-card poker variations have existed a long time before 1994. At least as early as the 16th century, the British played a poker-style game called “Brag”. Probably as long as poker has existed, three card variations have existed.

But when Derek Webb created his version, it was at a time that casinos were looking for inventive new ways to attract customers. Mr. Webb created a company, Prime Table Games, which marketed the game in the United States and the United Kingdom. This caught on, and 3-Card Poker is now a common brick-and-mortar game. In the online casino industry, the game is found virtually everywhere.

Three Card Poker is actually one of the more common games found in land based Casinos, and everyone seems to enjoy it. Sure, it is fun, fast and very easy to play and understand, but rarely you see a person winning at this game.

This Poker variation is being sold as a great, fun way to make money, but it actually has one of the worst House Edges in town. You might want to bust from this one.

The main bet is broken into the “Ante” and “Play” stages, which gives the main bet its name. In some casinos, the ante bet is mandatory. In many casinos, the player has the choice to make an ante bet or not. (In either case, “Pair Plus” wagers are mandatory.) Once the Ante and Pair Plus bets are made, then the dealer deals three cards to the player and three cards to the house. Players take a look at their hands.

Those players who made an ante bet then must make a decision: fold or place a “play” bet. The “Play” bet is equal to the original ante wager, so the player must decide (after looking at their cards) to double their original bet or fold. If they fold, they lose their original ante bet.

Most online sites about gambling will tell you it has good odds, but the truth is the House Edge on this fun Card Game, is over the 6% mark, which makes it a no-go game when it comes to building up strategy to take on a Casino for your money. The best advice is to stay away  from this game.


Three Card Poker is very similar to the Indian game Teen Patti with some minor differences. The differences are that the ranking of a straight flush and three of a kind are interchanged, and in teen patti, high card and none are merged together.