Best WMS Slots

wizard-of-oz-slot-machine-1WMS is one of the biggest companies in online gambling of the modern days. With over 30 years on the market, WMS has been in the business as long as any other competitor. WMS slots need little introduction for players from the US.

The company is often regarded as one of the main runners in the slot machine market, with some of the most popular titles around. They are the company behind slots such as Wizard of Oz, Top Gun and Star Trek.

WMS credentials for making top quality slot game entertainment stems right back to the 1990’s when they moved into the casino gaming market.

The released a succession of slots in casinos that were instant hits such as Top Gun, Monopoly and Wizard of Oz. The company roots can be traced back to 1943, when company founder Harry Williams started developing pinball machines.

He has been credited with developing the ‘tilt’ mechanism in pinball machines. This rich history is gaming and entertainment has helped the company become a major player in the slot games industry.

As time passed, the company began to come up with other licensed themes, starting with Monopoly, and thus significantly increased its sales as well as profits.

WMS derives 70 per cent of its revenues from customers in the US. The field services, development and sales offices are located across the US, while its international facilities are situated in many countries including Australia, Canada, India, China, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Austria, and the UK.

A better look at the gaming products distributed and created by WMS will point to changing demographics. Since video games are appealing to younger players who are on the lookout for challenging experiences mentally as well as physically, as well as women who are over 50 years of age, WMS has made one of their goals on this fact and created some truly fantastic machines that incorporate flat LCD display screens, full-color animated images, and surround sound systems to deliver a variety of experiences. A truly game.changing experience, when it comes to land based Casinos.

The Williams Interactive slot catalogue also includes the G+ series, which is a set of video slots, poker games, mechanical reels, video lottery terminals, and the Community Gaming network of interconnected slots. By 2010, the company started offering its online gaming options to people over 18 years of age in the United Kingdom.

A year later, players who were aged 18 years and above could access WMS’ online games in the United States. During the following year, the company joined forces with LAG (Large Animal Games) and incorporated many of its own slot games into themes revolving around cruise ships. This game application is a hit among Facebook users and is called “Lucky Cruise.”

There is little to no information about Return To Player percentages or House Edge of the WMS products worldwide, but there is one indicator of the trustworthiness of WMS, and it is the time they have been in the industry and the changes they’ve made over the years, leaving competitors out of the way, at least in the American market, which is one of the largest markets globally.

Top 5 Best WMS Slot Games (by rating):

  • Viking Vanguard

From the moment that Viking Vanguard by WMS loads, you’ll know that you’re in for a gaming treat. From the animated snowfall in the background to the highly detailed symbols, it definitely packs a punch as far as symbols go. However, the keen eyed players among you might notice something other than the graphics at first glance, and that is the fact that Viking Vanguard is played over four rows and six reels – incidentally making it the first WMS slot of its kind.

  • Nemo’s Voyage

Nemo may be best known nowadays as a cartoon fish but before that movie came about, it was the name of a legendary sea captain that was all about the treasure. In addition to the core feature on the reels, Nemo’s Voyage also offers players the opportunity to grab free spins, and you’ll need a bonus symbol on reels one, three and five to do so. That combination awards eight free spins where you have the chance to grab persistent wilds – or wild cards that remain in place for the rest of the round to you and I!

  • Cool Jewels

The standard board layout has gone completely out the window in the online casino variation of this enormous WMS land based casino classics, with 36 symbols in view at once, and when you throw in rolling reels, multipliers and more, it is a truly compelling new game to try. Starting off with bet placement, the standard way to play the game is using 0.50 as the base bet. You can then increase the bet multiplier by up to 400 times, making for a bet per spin of 200. One of the unique features of the game is that every one of the jewels on the board is worth the same prize – using the standard minimum bet, they’re worth 0.01 each.

  • Sea Of Tranquility

Williams Interactive is behind so many different slot games that they’re one developer where you can be sure of finding the right action for you. Indeed, even if you’re tired of all of the bells and whistles that adorn the latest slots, they’ve even got the answer to that, with the peaceful and relaxing Sea of Tranquility, which does an excellent job of living up to its name. The action takes place over the standard five reel layout and the use of thirty win lines means that there’s plenty of flexibility without needing to lose track of the wins as they happen.

  • Roman Chariots

Williams Interactive is one slots developer where it is safe to say that they are never afraid to try something new. As the name behind such unique games as Red Flag Fleet, you can never be sure of exactly what to expect, and Roman Chariots adds even further to this with some unique features and extras, all with a familiar theme based in Ancient Rome which will appeal to a wide cross section of players. What’s really unique about the game, is that it’s not every day that you enter a new game and see effectively four sets of reels at once!