Best BlackJack Games

atlantic-city-blackjackIn the modern-day casinos the most played card game is by far, Texas Hold’em Poker, but Blackjack has a special place in the house of bettors around the globe. In this guide we want to let you know there are several variations of the popular card game, and there are even new, customised versions at most casinos today.

You will find in almost every respectable Casino in the world the common forms of Vegas, European and Atlantic City Blackjack; however lots of other games can be found and we have detailed those types for you in the list below. One must start by choosing a game on which you get the better odds when placing your money on the table, and the best way to do that is by knowing the odds, or the house edge. You can make a better choice by knowing the house edge for every one of them, because the higher the house edge, the less chances of winning you have.

You should also check the house rules for every Casino you want to play in, since they may vary from one to another, and this might take the house edge up or down.

We have outlined a list of the best Blackjack Games, in an ascending order from less house edge (better odds for you) to higher house edge (lower odds for you)

Vegas Strip Blackjack (0.34%)

Vegas Strip Blackjack is by far the most popular variation of the Vegas Blackjack games because of its slightly lower house edge. It is played with 4 decks of playing cards which gives you better odds than those versions using one hand. Multi-hand versions have worse odds because the likelihood of receiving the card you need for the hands you hold is greatly decreased.

In this game if the player splits an Ace and then receives a card with the value of 10, the overall value is 21 and not Blackjack. The only way of hitting Blackjack in this variation of the game, is to get an Ace and another letter. The Dealer in this game will also stand on soft 17 (sometimes 16, depending on the Casino rules) decreasing the chances of him/her busting, but increasing the chances of a player win of hands valued at 18 (17, depending on the case) or higher.

Atlantic City Blackjack (0.35%)

This type of Blackjack game offers both single and multi-hand options at most casinos and both versions have the same rules and strategies for game play. Although you will spend a lot more on multi-hand versions.

Atlantic City Blackjack has one of the lower house edges at casinos. It is very similar to Classic Blackjack, and it is an American Hole Card game played with 8 decks of cards. The dealer has two cards at the beginning of the game and checks for Blackjack before everything else and if he has it, the game is over before you can lose money by doubling. The dealer also stands on soft 17 every time in this game.

You can double on any of the first two cards, and a double after a split is permitted. You are also able to then re-split cards into 3 hands and late surrender is allowed.

Spanish Blackjack (0.38%)

This variation of Blackjack is an American Hole card game that is completely different to any other variation of the game because of the fact that it is played with 8 Spanish decks of cards which consist of 48 instead of 52 cards because the 10 cards are removed. This modification results on a huge advantage for the house if you don’t know all of the rules of game play.

The dealer will peek on 10 and Ace cards for Blackjack and will hit on soft 17. In this game Player Blackjack and 21 beat Dealer Blackjack and 21 respectively. Late surrender is permitted and one may Double Down on any number of cards, as well as after a split but can only re-Double Down once. Player Surrender after Doubling Down is allowed. A player may split 3 times to make 4 hands, and Aces can be re-split.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack (0.38%)

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is an American Hole Card game that can be found only at online casinos and is often found in both usual variations of the game (single and multi-hand). Depending on the chosen variation of the Blackjack game, strategy will differ in significant ways, but the general game will stay the same.

This modification of the Blackjack game is like the classic, old-school Blackjack and is played with two decks of standard playing cards. The Dealer will hit on soft 17 which means that they have a larger chance of busting and peeks for blackjack. Players may Double on the initial two cards as well as after a split. You may also re-split cards into three hands.

This variation of the game differs however, in that should the player split an Ace and then receive a card with the value of ten, the overall value is 21 and not Blackjack, which means you are still beaten by Blackjack.

European Blackjack (0.39%)

This type of European Blackjack is a modification of Classic Blackjack and is the same as the original game everyone most likely learnt before anything else. The rules are very straightforward, and the game is played with 2 standard decks of playing cards.

In this variation, Blackjack always beats any other hand with a value of 21 and all face cards – Kings, Queens and Jacks of any designation have a value of ten. Aces have a value of either 1 or 11. During game play, a player can request to be “hit” in order to obtain up to 9 additional cards.

The Dealer is required to stand on hands with the value of 17 and if their hand has a value over 21, it is a “bust” and the player automatically wins. When the player’s hand and the Dealer’s hand tie, even on Blackjack, this is known as a “Push”. Should the Dealer have Blackjack, both original and doubled bets are lost. Insurance is offered on the player’s hand when the dealer’s initial card is an ace and all Wins are paid out at 3 to 2.

Bonus Blackjack (0.39%)

This modification of the Blackjack game is the same as European Blackjack, but features an added bonus option which basically means that this variation usually pays out a great deal more than the other games at a casino.

Blackjack is played with two decks of cards, according to original blackjack rules and if you bet on the “bonus” option on the table, hands of “Blackjack” featuring a Jack and an Ace of Spades pay out at 51, with Jacks of any other suit accompanied by an Ace payout at 26.00.

Double Exposure Blackjack (0.69%)

The variation of Double Exposure Blackjack is quite different from the classic types of the game, being played with 8 decks of cards, with both of the dealer’s cards being dealt facing upwards. You might think that this would give you the advantage, but rules are put into place to make sure that this isn’t the case, and in fact, create an enormous house edge of 0.69%, which is one of the highest amongst the different Blackjack modifications.

While playing within these rules, the Dealer wins all ties except on blackjack which pays 1 to 1. The dealer hits on soft 17. One card is required to split aces, and a player may re-split cards into four hands. Doubles are only permitted on hard 9, 10 and 11 and a double after a split is allowed. All player wins including Blackjack pay 1 to 1.