What is iStoppedGambling.com About?

You might be certain that this website is about stopping to gamble or rather a story about how I stopped to do it. Truth is, it is none of that. This website is all about finding games and their variations that offer the most favorable rules to players.

Essentially we have created a guide for those that are looking to cut the house edge down to the absolute minimum. From what we have available on the Internet, this is a rather unique approach and something very few sites do.

Does This Really Matter?

In gambling, games that are played against the house you are always at a disadvantage. Doesn’t matter if you play a blackjack or an online craps for real money. That’s just something every gambler has to accept.

That does not mean that You should not be chasing games that offer the lowest possible house edge and rules that are most favorable from players perspective.

With thousands of casino games available and most being offered in multiple variations, it’s really important that you pay attention to this.

To give You an example – lets compare single deck BlackJack with another popular variations known as “Switch”.

Depending on the drawing rules, house edge in the single deck variation might have a “built in” edge of approximately 0.05% while the more exotic “Switch” will have an edge that is no lower than 0.58%. All these numbers are true only if You are playing perfect basic strategy.

Top Games To Play

Single Deck BlackJack – often considered to be the holy grail of games for lovers of this game.These games are not available at most casinos for money due to the player friendly rules, but some of the best online casinos definitely have this game in their portfolio.

Depending on the exact hitting rules for the dealer and whether soft 17 is being hit, the house advantage in this variation can be anywhere from 0.05% to 0.50%.

Baccarat – one of the fastest growing casino table games in the world, mainly thanks to the fact that it originates from Asia. Though it is also widely spread across casinos in USA, Europe and Canada.

The house edge in Baccarat is one of the lowest available in any of the games offered – 1.24% when betting on the “player” and 1.06% when betting on the banker.

French Roulette – a well known variation of casino Roulette, but also one that is rarely found on brick & mortar casino floors.

With a relatively low house edge of 1.5% on even money bets, French variation of this game is definitely the one You should be playing.

Its unlikely that You will find it at brick & mortar casinos, but many MicroGaming powered online casinos are offering it.

Jacks or Better Video Poker – if Your “JOB” video poker machine pays 9 to 1 for a “full house” while “flush” is paid at 6 to 1, it’s very likely that You have just found a casino game with house edge of 0.48%. Of course learning optimal strategy is vital for this number to be accurate.

Full Pay Deuces Wild Video Poker – the only game where players actually can have an edge when they play this machine optimally.

Needless to say, Full-Pay Deuces Wild games are extremely rare these days and You’ll be extremely lucky to find one. When played with optimal strategy this machine will return 0.77% of all Your wagers placed long-term.

B&M vs Online

There’s another way casinos allow You to decrease the house edge playing their games and that’s through perks offered. While land based casinos will often give away free drinks and maybe throw in a free room for You to stay at (if You are a regular), online casinos will offer You something that’s likely of higher value to You – real money.

That’s right, just about any casino site on the Internet has a welcome bonus offering of some sort as well as a loyalty program that returns some percentage of the money You have wagered. Look out for the most user friendly casinos around right now.

And… even better, with the introduction of live dealer blackjack a few years back, you can now get the best of two worlds. The live dealer games are basically live streamed games from a real table that you can play from home or from your mobile phone.

Speaking of Slots

When it comes down to slot machines, brick and mortar ones are far behind online slots in terms of payouts.

The difference can actually be fairly ridiculous with games available in Las Vegas or Atlantic City returning as little as 70% of Your wagers.

Online games in retrospect can return as much as 99.5% and slot machines created by Net Entertainment are in the lead here. Their games are known for paying out very high percentages which is also why players love playing their games so much.